Friday, December 11, 2009

Soccer Articles - Sebastian Deisler..The unfinished business

A couple of days a go I stumbled upon an interesting piece of article at soccernet about a brilliant footballer who failed to cut the mustard.

Sabastian Deisler was once a bright star with flair and natural ability– a rare breed on the German fields- At his very tender age media was throwing huge responsibility on his fragile shoulders. Back then Desiler was the man of the hour in Germany. News paper writes about how that wonder kid combines the dazzling dribbling skills of Figo and the clinical passing ability of David Beckham. He was hailed as the next big thing in Germany. And yeah the boy was a rare commodity in country lacking players with natural creativity. Soon Deisler has turned into a marketable commodity that generates a fortune.

The enjoyment of kicking the ball in the back yard with buddies was no longer there, and the fun has turned into serious business. Apparently the boy was flourishing and obviously he was looked at as a young man who lives a dream life ; young, rich and famous.
Sadly interiority couldn’t match up with exteriority. He was miserable person from the inside who couldn't cope well with the glossy life of celebrities that sometimes bring misery, privacy invasion along with fame and fortune
How far could Deisler have gone given his tremendous individual gift? .. No one know for sure. However it's safe to classify him as one of 10 best naturally gifted footballers who had ever emerged from Germany.

It's a shame to lose the joy of watching such a magnificent talent and instead see his talent squandering away.

A tribute to a once brilliant footballer !